Rubber Hose for Car Washing
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IS:444-1987 TYPE III - B

Applications :

Recommended for delivery of water for car washing and similar purpose in automobile, services stations and industries.

Construction Tube :

Smooth in bore made from natural and synthetic rubber

Reinforcement :

High Tensile stnthetic yarn.

Cover :

1. Oil and abrasion resistant rubber cover.

2. Plain, Wrap Finish.

Temp :

-400 F to +1750 F

Nominal bore in mm Tolerance on Nominal bore in mm Minimum thickness of Tube in mm Minimum thickness of Cover in mm Working Pressure Kg. f/cm2 Testing Pressure kg f/cm2
10.00 ±0.75 1.50 1.50 25.5 51
12.50 ±0.75 1.50 1.50 25.5 51

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